Hadrian’s Wall Ltd –
The Activity Company On Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Ltd – The Activity Company On Hadrian’s Wall


Hadrian’s Wall Ltd – The Activity Company On Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Ltd –
The Activity Company On Hadrian’s Wall

Holidays and Tours on Hadrian's Wall


Holidays and Tours on Hadrian's Wall

Holidays and Tours on Hadrian's Wall


Cool-Camping Bed & Breakfast

Camping - As Hadrian's Wall is a World Heritage Site, unfortunately free camping is not permitted, so we have a special arrangement with two working farms (one in Cumbria and one in Northumberland), that are generally regarded as the best camping locations alongside the Hadrian's Wall Trail.

Camp facilities - Both of the sites we use, have toilets and hot showers - the Northumbrian site also has a laundry facility.

Oztents - On a Cool-Camping option, we have a variety of high quality tents on each camp - all of them being versions of 'Oztents' - imported from Australia, having been designed for the rigours of the outback and being ideal for treks like ours. They are not the usual flimsy lightweight gaudy-coloured structures you generally see on campsites, but are framed tents made with a light brown heavier canvas, that blend in sympathetically with the countryside.

Room to Move - Whichever version of Cool-Camp set-up that has been reserved for your use, you will find that you have a sleeping compartment, with a separate sheltered sitting area attached.

Four Accommodation Options - Whether you require a sleeping compartment for solo use, or you would like to share it with another person, we have four different Oztent configurations set up at both camps.
1 & 2 - Two of the tents are similar, in that the sleeping compartments can be set up either as a 'double' (two beds adjoining each other) or a 'twin' (two single beds with a bedside table in between) - both of these tents have an awning with side panels attached, that effectively provide a covered sitting area with an open aspect to the front.
3 - For those who are walking solo (or possibly two friends who have a particular preference for their own bedrooms, we have an Oztent with two separate sleeping compartments that share the same awning - ie there is an enclosed sheltered area separating the two bedrooms.
4 - For a group of three, or a family group, we have a larger Oztent with two sleeping compartments separated by a shared enclosed awning with side doors. The bedrooms are two different sizes - one being able to accommodate either a 'double' or 'twin' arrangement and the other is normally set up with a single bed (including a bedside table and chair alongside). There is however another possible set-up in this particular Oztent, by utilising the smaller bedroom in a different way. This is achieved by sacrificing the space allocated for the table and chair - and placing them within the awning area - allowing just sufficient space to accommodate two beds directly alongside each other. This smaller bedroom configuration can be used by a couple, but is more suitable for two younger persons (as we use it for our own teenage offspring on our own adventures), or two particularly close friends.


Bed, Foam Mattress, Double Duvet & Pillow

Glamping Pack

Bed & Bedding - The Oztent sleeping compartments cater for one or two beds. There are also bedside tables & lamps (apart from the fairy lights) and ample room to spread out your personal gear, as well as space to tuck it under your bed. You are provided with a double duvet for wrapping around yourself to keep yourself snug, or to easily fold back, if you want to cool down. You also have a nice big pillow.

Seating - Each person has a foldaway chair and blanket, for resting weary legs and gazing at the sky on starry nights.


Continental Breakfast


Dining Out - It should be borne in mind that our Treks are intended to be adventurous. Each tent has its own small one-ring gas cooker, so you can brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee, whenever you like. There is also a camp Field Kitchen set up, with a larger cooker for frying up a cooked breakfast. Next to the Field Kitchen, you will find a table & benches for communal use - that can be situated under cover to shelter from the elements, or on sunny days, moved to a spot where you can admire the view.

Field Kitchen - Both camps have a simple Field Kitchen, solely for the use of our Cool-Campers. It consists of a cast-iron double-ring gas cooker for frying up breakfast, or making a communal pot of tea; as well as a coolbox for keeping the likes of milk, butter, juice, eggs and bacon fresh. Cereals, bread, tea and coffee are also located here.

Breakfast - Cool-Campers pick up their provisions from the camp's Field Kitchen and prepare their own breakfast. Each person is provided with a supply of Tea & Coffee, Fruit Juice, choice of Cereal, Bacon, Eggs, Bread & Butter, Jam & Marmalade. So you could brew yourself a cup of tea, boil an egg, make toast & marmalade, within your tent set-up (which has its own small cooker, small kettle/saucepan & gadget for making toast), or you can fry up bacon & egg on the Field Kitchen's double-burner cooker and join other Cool-Campers at the dining table.

Eating En-route - Getting a snack or a light lunch in a pub or a tearoom is possible on most days - there's even the odd section of the trail where some kind folk have set up a selection of snacks with an honesty box. On those days where the choice along the trail is a bit more limited, we advise on what those sections are and how you can make provision for it.

Evening Meals - At the Cumbrian farm, you can dine in the farmhouse itself (which is also licensed for drinks), or you could have a Chinese takeaway delivered to the camp. If you wanted to go further afield, you could take a five-minute taxi ride into the old market town of Brampton.
The pick-up point (for the third night's camp) in the central section, is a cosy Country Inn that can provide a tasty early evening meal, as well as a refreshing drink.
At the Northumbrian farm, there is an Indian takeaway service that will deliver to the camp, alternatively we can provide BBQ kits, for you to enjoy your own outdoor cooking. There is a village pub about half an hour's downhill walk away, that does generous hearty meals, as well as a good selection of ales - which in turn, suggests that a five-minute taxi ride back to the camp, is probably worthy of consideration.

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